Thursday, 22 November 2012

BOY it's cold outside

Van Trainers, Topshop Wet Look Leggings/Army Print Jacket/Cross Braclets, Boy London T-shirt, American Apparel Beanie Hat.

Winter is my favourite time of the year. Even thought it seems like winter all year around in Ireland, you don't feel as guilty wrapping up this time of year. As you seen in my first blog I love faux fur and everything cosy, my other love are beanie hats. I have several beanie hats and I love adding them to a outfit to make it quirky. Like my red vans, they make any outfit more exciting.

Boy London is a very popular brand at the moment with the likes of Rihanna, Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj wearing it. I got my Boy London T-shirt in Selfridges London at the start of the year. It's such a simple logo but I love there stuff. My boyfriend Aonghus, his two sisters and I are heading to Birmingham this weekend so i am hoping to get a Boy London jumper to add to my collection and hopefully pop up some pics of that too.

Army print is huge, it's everywhere. Got this at the start of the year in Topshop London when I was at the Barcleys Wireless festival with Aonghus and a few of our friends, I seen loads of girls and boys wearing the print and needed to get it too. What a weekend... shopping in London, rocking at the wireless festival and most importantly eating at Nando's.. What else could a girl ask for.

Michelle x


  1. Great army jacket.. there's so many around it's hard to choose! But love the big pyramid studs!