Saturday, 30 March 2013

One Smile Makes Two

H&M Trousers, Earrings & Chain // Topshop Jacket, Heels & Bag // Pennys (Primark) Shirt // MK Watch // RI, Topshop & H&M Rings

Above I am wearing my new leatherette trousers from H&M - Got them on sale for just 10euro. Don't you just love a bargain, especially when you have been looking for a pair like these. 
A other little bargain is my handbag from Topshop. I have been in love with this bag for quite awhile, I finally bought it and its been in Topshop for months now. I went to the till and to my surprise it scanned in cheaper then what was printed on the label. Shhh! ;)...
I now have a huge collect of shirts from Pennys and this is yet a other one for 10euro. Nautical stripes are a wardrobe must.
Two nights ago I was at Golden Eggs Fashion Innovation Awards and it was a spectacular night. The collections that the creative students and designers had were just fantastic - from outfits, dresses, bags, scarves & jewellry.
I was intrigued with the section "ones to watch" - Being introduced to new designers is always fun and exciting. 
Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take a photographs of my outfit from the night - as always it was a rush to get ready and get out the door :) 
There are a few shots from the night on my Facebook and InstagramI wore my Green Midi length dress from Topshop, my new nude Platform Sandals from Topshop, OH and a Statement Necklace from Topshop too! Of course :) Because I ADORE my New amazing shoes from Topshop (my amazing friend got them for me for my Birthday - Think she heard me raving on about them!).... I wore them above so ye can adore them too. Yes I do have a new passion for platform sandals, they are my new Litas. Comfort wise!
I was so excited to wear my new bag from Zara - I bought it last weekend that little shopping trip. Its amazing - I got plenty of comments during the night about it. Its a eye catcher.

Here are some Photos of mine from the Fashion Innovation Awards:
(Sorry for the iPhone quality)

Fellow Bloggers: Ciara of Wildchild Stories, Nuala of Penny and Polaroids and I.
Nuala and I with the amazing Laura Jayne Halton.

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Laura Jayne Halton after the show. She was so nice and it was great to have a chat with her.

Hope ye all have a wonderful Easter and don't eat too much Easter eggs. I properly will - Oops! :)

Michelle x

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

That Feeling

Topshop Top, Coat, Earrings, Rings & Chains // American Apparel Disco Pants // Asos Shoes // Forever 21 Shirt

Last Friday night Family and Friends gather for yet a other going away party of my fellow friend. Was a wonderful night full of good company and good music. I know its slow going up, but this is the outfit I wore.

Keeping it casual and trendy I decided i wanted to wear my amazing Disco Pants since it must of been the coldest night ever. I added the famous T-Shirt cropped top from Topshop for a Monochrome look. I then popped on my cropped denim shirt on over, I love this shirt I bought over a year ago on a shopping trip to Dublin. Its so 90's and I love that trend (being a 90's baby myself).

During the week I picked up these chains in Topshop, they came in a pack of 3 together. I love all gold, rose-gold and sliver and I adore wearing all 3 together. I then did the same with my rings - mixing sliver, gold and rose-gold.

As you seen in my Birthday post 'Celebrations' - I treated myself to these amazing platform shoes. The leather and suede effect is beautiful. I love Black & Navy together - There are no rules :)

Camouflage Print is one of my favourite prints, last year I was at the Barclays Wireless festival in London and this is where I seen one girl wearing the most amazing army coat and I needed it! It wasn't long after that I was in Topshop on Oxford St. buying this beautiful coat:) I adore it!! I bought a new Snapback this Sunday and Its also Camouflage- Love Love Love.


How do you like Camouflage? How do you wear it?

Michelle x

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Its a Lazy Sunday

Urban Outfitters Jumper // Topshop Jeans & Coat // Shirt American Apparel // Converse Trainers // River Island, Topshop & Vintage Rings

Well it wasn't such a lazy Sunday, I did do a little bit of shopping today :)
This was my outfit of the day whilst out shopping. Few weeks back I got some brand spanking new Converse Trainers (my other two pairs are looking a bit worse for wear) and decide shopping would be a great time to get them out and wear them for a comfortable experience. 

Two years ago shopping in Dublin's Urban Outfitters I bought this Teal Knitted Cropped Top (Sparkle & Fade) in the sale. Its my favourite knitted item in my wardrobe and I am trying my best to keep it from snagging. My Ram Head Nail Ring had to come off later in the day because it kept getting caught :( Yesterday I bought the Vintage ring in Galway's Pandora Box Thrift Market. I love the vibrant colour red and I wear these type of rings on my index finger.

Any of you that are on Instagram or follow my Facebook Page will see my Instagram photos day by day.

Michelle x

Monday, 18 March 2013


Topshop Dress & Earrings // Asos Shoes // MK Watch & Braclets // Newlook Necklace // Pennys (Primark) Chain

I love this dress! The fabric is lovely and feels really good. I went for dinner with my Girlfriends last Saturday night to celebrate my Birthday. Because its a Tee Dress, I dressed it up with a Statement Necklace and Heels. The contrast detail is my favourite, i added a navy belt to split it up to match the navy in my NEW SHOES.

My New Leather Heeled Sandals - They are both leather and suede with a chunky platform sole. Wow was I an excited girl when i ordered/received these. Not only are they stunning, trendy and cutting edge, they are so comfortable. After dinner we went dancing and boy did I dance ;) No tired legs after these heels, they will be well worn over the Spring/Summer.

My Statement Necklace is a piece I picked up last year in New Look and I hadn't worn it yet. Its a beautiful piece and the chunkiness of it - Its quite heavy too.

I wanted to share with ye the most amazing and thoughtful cake I have ever received - My friend got it made for me and as you can see by my face above I was so surprised and SO happy (I nearly cried). If ye don't already know I have a obsession with Penguins. They are the most amazing thing ever. They are Affectionate, Loyal and Adorable. 

Thanks to my friends I had such a great night x

Michelle x

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Jacket Miss Selfridge // Cardigan New Look // Disco Pants American Apparel // Watch, Earrings & Chain RI // Topshop Rings & Boots // Pennys (Primark) T-Shirt & Socks
(Photos above are all of Intrigued & Infatuated)

This is a typical day to day outfit of mine, I'm for trendy, comfy, easy, snug get up (attire)!

Cannot believe this is my first post with my Disco Pants, I live in these. I bought my first pair of these magical pants back in early May last year (according to my Instagram), Boy was I a happy girl. Since then I have bought them in the charcoal colour. River Island and the likes have similar versions but they are nothing compared to the original American Apparel Disco pants. The comfort of these pants are just unbelievable and well-fitted, I know they are quite pricey but they are an investment. I wouldn't waste my money on any of the rest because all my friends complain about them anyway. Although I do have a red pair from Missguided but again, nothing like the AA real deal and I think I have only worn them once. AA did come up with them after all and I have to give it to them, they know what they are at :) So basically y'all need a pair :)

My Bad Boy Boots from Topshop, ya I know I keep going on about them :)... but I finally got wearing them. They tick all the boxes and I am certainly DELIGHTED with my purchase. Thanks Topshop once again.

My furry sung looking cardigan, from New Look... Kiddies section to be exact :) Yup, River Island and Topshop had the exact same cardigan (for more money) and I came upon this baby in New Looks Kiddies section for less Euros. Bargain! Worth the look sometimes.

My Miss Selfridge jacket is years old but still very much a favourite of mine. Anything khaki green never goes unwanted. I am a fan of wearing socks with boots, i think its a great detail to a outfit and are a must in Irish weather anyways. So win win situation. All my jewelry have been posted in my previous posts - Rings in 'Karma', Watch in 'Sunnies' and Necklace in 'Sand Castles'.

Hope ye enjoyed the read <3

Michelle x

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