Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Purchase: MK

Michael Kors Bedford Gusset Crossbody.

Let me introduce you all to my latest MK purchase. I saw this bag in Brown Thomas a week today, you would of seen on my Facebook and didn't stop thinking about it all week long.

This is my new baby and I am excited to wear this over the A/W Season. Crossbody bag is a must have item as for travelling, shopping etc because you feel safe and comfortable with your bag and the fact its just fabulous and perfect.

Its that soft beautiful Pebble Leather, triple zip top and Michael Kors Logo. 
If you would like to treat yourself or have someone treat you they are available in Black (gold writing), Black (sliver writing), Brown, Navy, Blue, Vanilla.    

Look or Buy here!

... Michelle x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Sleeveless Blazer

SheInside Waistcoat Here - Topshop Top - Penneys Shorts - Zara Bag Here - Daniel Wellington Watch Here - eBay Heels Here - Jewellery Mixed

SheInside is one of my new favourite websites where you can find now trending clothing for much less. I first feel in love when I saw the waistcoat blazer on Zaras website few months back, then again at Penneys (Primark) fashion show at the OhhLaLa Magazine Awards. I needed one of these - Sleeveless blazer/Waistcoat, which ever you wish to call it. I luckily came across this on for €17. Penneys had a black on recently for €15, but i resisted cause I had already received this one. Its such a simple touch to your outfit to make it look smarter, here is a what I wore it with recently >> I&I Facebook.
Tip: If you don't wish to buy a waistcoat why not simply make one, I say simply as if I was a expert at DIY ha ha, check out YouTube I am sure you will find a tutorial that will show you how. 

If you follow my Facebook and/or Instagram you would of seen me wear these shorts to a friends BBQ over the summer. The leatherette look if fabulous and the jogger design is certainly a favourite of mine over this past summer. The leatherette material doesn't restrict them to summer use at all, these you can wear over the A/W season cause like I mentioned in my post HERE leather is huge this coming season. They are now on sale for €5 in Penneys.

Crop Camisole or any camisole top are just brilliant, worn casual or a night out they will never let you down. I have them in a few colours and always turn to them. MUST HAVE! 

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... Michelle x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dove Summer Glow Review

Just to start off I cannot stress enough how much I love this product and its the main reason why I really wanted to blog about it and share this with you.

Since being on holidays earlier this year i have a base colour so I opted for the Medium to Dark Skin, when I was asked to sample the Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tanner. I wanted the full affect, that would actually be visible. There is also Fair to Medium for lighter skin tones and a Medium to Dark with a shimmer. 
I was a bit anxious and excited to try this tan - Anxious because I had a very bad reaction to the Johnson's Holiday Skin when gradual self tanners became big at first, and I would not be a sensitive person - Excited because I wanted this too work for me cause it looked beautiful and very natural on YouTubers I looked up. 

So this product aims to nourish your skin while gradually enhancing your natural skin colour.   

I found:

- It doesn't go on streaky or patchy 
- Colour is easily built up and after 3 applications I found it was even enough for a night out (with my skin tone)
- Used my hands to apply, perfect next day if washed straight after application
- Very moisturizing
- Doesn't come off your clothes
After applying it it takes a little bit longer to absorb then other moisturizers
There is no after smell and you don't feel clammy with it on

Below are outfit photographs of me with the Dove gradual tanner on, ONLY the Dove no other sort of tan:

SO YES! I would recommend Doves Gradual Self Tanner to you all.
Its beautiful on, lovely and golden - just how I like to look :)
I will defiantly continue to wear this over the winter. 

... Michelle x 

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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Boy London Sweater here - Zara Skort here - Nike Trainers here - Topshop Rings - Daniel Wellington Watch here

I purchased these Nike Trainers back in July on a shopping trip to Birmingham and I bought them from Foot Locker. To be honest I was quite fussy looking for a new pair of trainers because there is such a huge selection of trainers (all different colours) and I didn't know where to start. Basically I searched every sports shop till I came across these. I preferred them to the neon orange, yellow and green ones that I would get tired at looking at. I have been living in them since I bought them, super light and great for running around the place. I got these just half a size bigger and they fit like a glove, literally!
Wearing trainers with a smart outfit has become a big thing, you see office workers popping out to to a few messages wearing trainers with their suits/smart clothing, pretty cool.

You have all seen my Boy London Jumper before and I also have a T-shirt which I love. The grunge look is a look I love wearing A/W time with beanie hats and over-sized jumpers. That is a little A/W tip there for you guys! I can now start wearing my collection on beanies, YAY! 

What look do ye love for A/W??

... Michelle x

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013



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Picture 1 & 3 are not blog related but of Aonghus & I owe are celebrating our anniversary this week, eekkk!

... Michelle x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Current Favourites

My Now Bag
Zara Mini Office City Bag in Navy - Zara

This bag is super and the best thing about it is its compartment for my iPad because now at least I feel its safe when carrying it around anywhere. Also available in burgundy. 

My Now Watch
Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady - DW

You all know I have been crazy to get a Daniel Wellington Watch for SO long now and finally I received one from Aonghus as a anniversary present. We usually don't do presents for our anniversary, but this year we did because we are 5 years together, yay :) Thank you baby x

My Now Shoes
White Pointed Court Heels - ebay

I have been lushing over a pair of white pointed courts for a long time and seen the most amazing pair in Topshop at the start of the summer and couldn't justify paying €88 for them. I found these on ebay for much less - Delighted. 

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... Michelle x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

September Wishlist

Asos Stack Rings - Here

Zara Leather Ankle Boots - Here

Zara Motorcycle Jacket - Here

Zara Cropped Top - Here

Topshop Moto Mom Jeans - Here

... Michelle x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Topshop Joggers

Trousers - Topshop, Jumper - Penneys, Shoes - ebay, Watch - Daniel Wellington, Rings - Mixed (Topshop, H&M, Asos)

Out for dinner last weekend and I went for a dressy casual look. I bought this jumper in Penneys on sale for €3 - Bargain! I adore quilted effect and 3/4 length jumper can be quite adorable.
Few weeks back I bought these Topshop leather effect joggers online (no longer available) but I posted it on my Facebook page when I first ordered them. Casual? Yes, but can be dressed up. Leather effect items of clothing are very much dressy and I cannot stress enough how everyone should have some leather/leather effect clothing in their wardrobe this A/W. The elastic bottom and zip look pretty cool and adds a great look to them.
My new babies - yes my white court pointed heels I found on ebay. This was my first time wearing them and I was delighted with them, I think they made my outfit :)

What leathers have you got??

Like I was saying last week I have been nominated in the Blog Awards Ireland for 'Best Blog Post' and each week you can vote each once up until early Oct. A week has passed and you guys can vote again if you wish. Follow this link >
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.... Michelle x

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

OverSized Leather Pants

Autumn is almost here and I am starting to plan my wardrobe. I have to admit to you all I do love summer clothing with legs out, beautiful Nudes and White etc but A/W I get very excited for because the clothing suits our climate much better and I love being cosey. I am a monochrome black and white girl so that makes me very excited for this coming season. 

So to start off my A/W I have ordered these oversized leather pants off Asos and boy am I excited. I was lushing after a pair of Topshops Boutique leather joggers back in April cause I seen them on India Rose (one of my favourite bloggers) but there was no way I could pay £250 for them no matter how amazing they looked. Over the summer months I bought a pair of Jogger Leather Look Pants from Topshop (more casual) but these above will look amazing over the A/W months with boots and heels... Eeekkk excited for A/W!

That is my Autumn tip to you...

.... Michelle x