Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Topshop Dress, Shoes & Bag // Pennys (Primark) Shirt & Sunglasses // River Island Watch

Last Sunday was a beautiful day and the first official day of 2013 i could wear my new sunglasses from Pennys - Delighted!

In the photos above I was off to lunch with the ladies and I am wearing my green midi dress from Topshop (cropped up) with my latest shirt from Pennys over it. I am in love with the pattern on this shirt, I think its adorable. 

Here are my favourite shoes again from Topshop a few years back, I really do get great wear out of them - Comfort.

I hope ye are getting to enjoy the sunshine (when we do have it), I cannot wait for the summer to arrive and I sure hope we get a better one then last year. I want to be able to wear beautiful summer clothes for once! Just need to book my holiday next :)

Are ye heading off on holidays? What summer clothes do ye enjoy wearing?

Michelle x


Sunday, 24 February 2013

We Met For Some Reason

Pennys (Primark) Shirt // Topshop Bag,Skirt,Boots,Necklace,Jacket,Faux Fur & Leather Gloves // MK Watch 

Nearly 2 years ago I received this vintage style Doctors bag for my 21st Birthday. I had been eyeing it up for quite awhile and then received it for my birthday - I was delighted because I adored it.

It being a Doctors bag it has quite some room in it and sometimes you will have everything but the kitchen sink in there. 

Its has a long handle and short one with I always love in a bag. The fastener is my favourite detailing, squeeze them together to open and clicks close again.

All Photographs above are of property of Intrigued and Infatuated

Mostly abandoned by physicians since the days of the house call, the doctor’s bag is a go-to favourite of the fashionably chic and hautely stylish. Typically quite vintage looking,  the doctor’s bag takes on a bit of an edge - feminine and proper satchel.

Hope you enjoyed my post and have a wonderful Sunday. 

Michelle x

Monday, 18 February 2013


Urban Outfitters Dress & Earrings // Topshop Bag & Ring // Carvela Heals // RI Watch

Urban Outfitters Earrings
Topshop Leather Bag

Topshop Ring // River Island Nail Ring

River Island Watch

Like I mentioned in my last post I was whisked away for the weekend for Valentines and above is the outfit I wore to dinner that night in the hotel. 

October is the last time I wore this Silence + Noise hi-low dress from Urban Outfitters, one of my favourite shops. I bought it in New York along with the earrings (before I started blogging) and wore it out the night we met my friends for dinner. 
Its a very comfortable dress and I love wearing it out for dinner and the likes. When I seen this dress in the shop the design really caught my eye, its beautiful and unusual. The slits to the front and very appealing and the breast pockets really finish it off. The cut out in the back is a nice touch, its one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe. 

My earrings are a aztec design and big jewellry are a great statement piece. I didn't wear any necklace because i felt a naked neck would look more appealing along side my earrings.    

My Topshop bag is a great buy, it being genuine leather I love the touch and feel of leather and quality really lasts. Everyone should invest in a beautiful leather bag, that you will have for years to come.

  • On my lips I am wearing Maybellines 14hr lipstick - 'Ravishing Rough'.
  • Sleek Make Up Eye-shadows.
  • Shellac - 'Cake Pop'

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Michelle x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Heart Has Its Reasons

River Island Coat-Blazer, Nail Ring & Watch // Topshop Leggings, Ring, Earrings, Necklace & Boots // Pennys (Primark) Shirt // Shellac - 'Cake Pop'

 Last Saturday night I was whisked away after work for a night away as a early Valentines surprise. Lucky me :) When we landed at the hotel I wanted to take photos by the forestry but of course being in Ireland it started bucketing down rain.. and it was to be continued in the room :)

Traveling I wore my cosey boxy boyfriend blazer that isn't very water-proof you know :) River Island have a few of these boyfriend blazers at the moment if ye are looking for any. They are casual but they do transform a outfit, so no need to be stealing your boyfriends blazer anymore!!

These are my fave wet-look leggings, they are stretchy with quite a high shine so they are very effective and I think they were quite affordable from Topshop too. Cannot remember what I paid for these but they are my second pair, that shows how much I love them.

I have spoken about shirts from Pennys in the past and how everyone should go in a get them in every colour for just 10euro. Collars, no collars, breast pockets, no breast pockets. Whatever the style Pennys always have them in and for just 10euro you cant go wrong my lovelies. 

And YES... My new watch from River Island!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Well to be honest I seen it ages ago while I was shopping with my friend and said if i didn't buy anything else that day ill go get it. But yep I forgot and I am sure I bought loads that day :) How can a girl resist while shopping with her best friend.. Anyway back to the point, I came across it again in RI and for just 26euro I think its a steal. Its timeless with its simple black adjustable strap and beautiful blue hands. I love Roman Numerals, I just think they are so beautiful and never go out of style. Here have a other look below ;)


I am wearing Rimmels Apocalips 'Luna' on my lips and I have Shellacs 'Cake Pop' on my nails. I really hope ye enjoyed reading this and I always love to hear from ye and what ye think.

Michelle x 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Insta-Week #5

My Instagram Photos Of The Past Week

Top Left Over & Down...

Fedora Hat Blog Post - #Fedora 

River Island Watch - #VintageLike

Topshop Ring & Nail Ring - #Jewellery

My Pastel Pink Shellac Nails - #CND

Chilled White Wine On Ice At Dinner #PinotGrigio

Nail Ring - #RI

Lippy Of The Day - #Pink

Michelle x

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Topping It Off

Topshop Hat // River Island Coat // Pennys (Primark) Shirt, Shorts & Earrings // New Look Boots // Ebay Moschino Belt // MK Watch // Vintage Ring

I forgot I had these boots, got them on sale in New Look few years ago and I totally forgot how comfortable they are. I came across them last week and think i have nearly worn them everyday since :)
I posted these earrings on my Instagram, they are such a bargain for 1.50euro. Got them in gold and sliver... why not! 
Ye have seen my Moschino belt previously in a other post. Its a great piece to add a bit of jazz to your outfit since I am wearing all blacks, white and grays. These cute faux leather shorts are a very happy buy from Pennys (Primark) for 13euro. I bought them in a size bigger just so they have a baggier look and that they aren't tight looking.

I have been searching for one of these fedora hats for awhile now and came across this one on Topshops website. A fedora is a must-have item in the spring/summer, it’s fab and stylish and it gives every simple outfit that elegant and classic touch.
You can have different colour fedoras but a black one is a necessity.

Kate Moss

A hat may seem like a scary prospect to some of you, but the fedora is about pared down and understated cool which can easily slip into your wardrobe - and is perfect for irish rainy days.

Wear it with staple pieces whether it be a parka and skinny trousers, biker jacket and a button down shirt. Inspired by the recent Saint Laurent show in Paris and a key fixture in Kate Moss' wardrobe, what more reason do you need to invest...?

Bellow I have chosen a few of my favourite Fedora hats...

Asos Black Fedora

French Connection Navy Fedora

Friis & Company Blue Fedora

Miss Selfridge Toffee & Black Fedora

Topshop Camel Studded Fedora

Zara Black Fedora Hat with Chain

To follow me closer you can check me out on my Facebook page or Instagram were they are updated regularly. Oh and most importantly let me know what ye think?? Do ye love Fedoras hats?? 
Michelle x