Sunday, 27 January 2013

Just A Few Glasses...

Topshop Crop Top & Boots // Pennys Necklace, Bag & Belt // Zara Trousers // Romwe Bowler Hat // A. McQ Look-A-Like Scarf 

Topshop Chelsea Boots (Sale)

Pennys (Primark) Chunky Necklace

Pennys (Primark) Burgundy Bag // River Island Nail Ring // Vintage Ring

Alexander McQueen (Look-A-Like) Skull Scarf

River Island Studded Bracelets

Pennys (Primark) Studded Belt

Romwe Bowler Hat

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

Just last night two of my girlfriends and I went for dinner in one of my favourite restaurants with lots to celebrate. We were in the mood for some pizza and wine and it was delicious. 
This is the outfit I wore to dinner, I going for a casual/dressy look. 

I picked up the black crop top in Topshop this week for just 15euro, it comes in both white and gray also. I wore my trousers up high, where it is comfortable and I was able to tuck in my top slightly. I was wearing sliver accessories so I added the studded black and sliver belt that came with a skirt from Pennys. I don't wear a-lot of sliver jewellery/accessories, I wear a-lot of gold usually cause I love the warmth of gold tones. But now I am going to start wearing and buying more sliver like I used too before I fell in love with gold. There is only so much of one colour you need, but that still wont stop me buying it :)

Also this week I found this Necklace in Pennys for just 5euro and its such a beautiful piece, comes is gold too of course. My River Island studded bracelet bands are years old and always come to good use. I love the Rock Chick look and these go great every time. How cute is my nail ring from RI? A rams head.. Pretty cool. I am loving the really cheap affordable jewellery range RI have and they last really well. 

My bowler hat, I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Its such a simple accessory that completely jazzes up a outfit. I bought if off Romwe (one of my fave sites) nearly a year ago, I love the gray tones in it.

The Alexander McQueen Scarf is obviously a rip off :) The detail is amazing, a-lot of people think it is the real deal. I only paid 8euro for it when the real thing is 185euro, bargain!!

Below are some of the Make Up I used last night.

Rimmel 107 // Sleek Makeup Eye-Shadows // Catrice Brow Kit On Brows

Catrice Eye-Brow Kit

I first heard about this on xpose, for less then 5euro I bought this amazing eyebrow kit in Pennys (Primark). Their products are very cheap and some of there stuff work well and because of this Catrice has become a very popular Make Up line. I comes with a little mirror, tiny tweezers and brush all of which I do not use. But I fill in my Eyebrows everyday, i don't feel complete till its done. I do like this product, so yes I would recommend for ye to buy their Eye Brow Kit.  

Sleek Make-Up Eye-Shadows 

This eye-shadow pallet comes with 12 different eye-shadows that work really well and most importantly they last. I bought this in Birmingham in Superdrug but you can go on their website and buy these pallets for just 10euro. Click HERE. They have a full range of make up products.

Rimmel 107 (Kate)

 Berry Lips..... I LOVE. Its all I need to say. This shade is fabulous and suits all skin colours. Go Buy it :)

Hope ye enjoyed the read, let me know what ye think of course, love hearing from ye.

Michelle x

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  1. i love this outfit! the hat, the scarf and the pants are awesome! :)

  2. Thank you very much, I love hats :)