Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Breezing Around

Topshop Crombie Coat, Shoes, T-Shirt & Bag // American Apparel Belt // Pennys (Primark) Skirt // River Island Ring Bracelet & Nail Ring // New Look Watch

Boy its cold out there! Myself and my friend went for a walk and we nearly froze, hence the colour of my hands in the photos:) Rough winds are quite harsh on your skin so I hope that ye are all wearing something to protect it. Either a SPF or Barrier Cream should be used to protect your skin. I am very skin conscious and I wear Dermalogicas Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 everyday there is also SPF10 in my foundation too, so I am well protected.

For a long time I have been loving these denim skirts, I first seen the vintage looking indigo denim circle skirts in American Apparel. Then Topshop stocked the denim skater skirts with a slight pleat and just in Pennys (Primark) last week they brought in the same thing. I was so glad to grab one for just 9euro. 

I have seen everyone with these burnout Tees from Topshop, I have been looking for this type of style on a t-shirt for ages. It comes in the famous 'oxblood' colour also. The fabric is lovely and soft and I like the way you could put a long sleeved t shirt under neath for a more contrasting look. Love it!
NOW NOW NOW.... Did ye see my shoes?? Do ye love these babies or what?
I sure do, they are my fave shoes and I been saving these to show ye. I adore them with all my heart, tan leather with a gold buckle the more I wear them the better they look. I received them as an amazing valentines present after lushing over for weeks before that. With valentines creeping up (2weeks & 1day) I will have had these babies in my life for 3 years, Thanks to my amazing boyfriend :) x

Hope ye enjoyed the read, love to hear from ye.

Michelle x


  1. Love the blue and brown together x

  2. Shoes are so nice. Love the brown cardigan and blue shorts together. Suits blondes!! X