Saturday, 9 November 2013

Grunge - Plaid & Leather

Shirt & Boots Zara - Jacket, Chiquelle - Top, H&M - Fedora Hat, Penneys - Pants, Asos - Daniel Wellington, Watch - Michael Kors, Bag

This time last year in New York City I bought this Plaid shirt in Zara on 5th Avenue. The most AMAZING Zara shop I have experienced yet! It was huge and I was in there for at least 3 hours with a boyfriend with ALOT of patience's. I was really overwhelmed in there and I am pretty sure I spent most of my money in there and Michael Kors :) Ooops! To a result this is my favourite plaid shirt and I adore the colours, a change to red.

Leather Leather - I always reach for leather, its very versatile and you cannot wear enough leather! My Asos leather pants that I have had for forever are very comfortable even tough they don't look it. I reached for my leather jacket this day also (despite it looks sunny, it was pretty cold this day). Oh how I love this leather Jacket from Chiquelle, it can be bought here. Its quite a soft leather which is always good.

Zara Taupe Cowboy Influenced Ankle Boots, Yes if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook I have posted pictures of these boots LOADS and imagine its taken me this long to feature them in a outfit post!! I bough them in September the day I was at Boohoo's Christmas Event in Dublin, even tough its taken me forever to post about these boots they are still available thank god. Here in Taupe/Grey and Here in Black.

Count down to Christmas.. Are you guys excited?? I am. :)

... Michelle x


  1. I love this jacket. I'm in the market for one myself.
    tan leather jackets for men

  2. Hi dear,
    I know this post is quite old but I would like to ask you about the sizing of the jacket?did you size up as recommended in their store?
    thank you :)
    ps: your blog is really cute