Sunday, 24 February 2013

We Met For Some Reason

Pennys (Primark) Shirt // Topshop Bag,Skirt,Boots,Necklace,Jacket,Faux Fur & Leather Gloves // MK Watch 

Nearly 2 years ago I received this vintage style Doctors bag for my 21st Birthday. I had been eyeing it up for quite awhile and then received it for my birthday - I was delighted because I adored it.

It being a Doctors bag it has quite some room in it and sometimes you will have everything but the kitchen sink in there. 

Its has a long handle and short one with I always love in a bag. The fastener is my favourite detailing, squeeze them together to open and clicks close again.

All Photographs above are of property of Intrigued and Infatuated

Mostly abandoned by physicians since the days of the house call, the doctor’s bag is a go-to favourite of the fashionably chic and hautely stylish. Typically quite vintage looking,  the doctor’s bag takes on a bit of an edge - feminine and proper satchel.

Hope you enjoyed my post and have a wonderful Sunday. 

Michelle x

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