Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Heart Has Its Reasons

River Island Coat-Blazer, Nail Ring & Watch // Topshop Leggings, Ring, Earrings, Necklace & Boots // Pennys (Primark) Shirt // Shellac - 'Cake Pop'

 Last Saturday night I was whisked away after work for a night away as a early Valentines surprise. Lucky me :) When we landed at the hotel I wanted to take photos by the forestry but of course being in Ireland it started bucketing down rain.. and it was to be continued in the room :)

Traveling I wore my cosey boxy boyfriend blazer that isn't very water-proof you know :) River Island have a few of these boyfriend blazers at the moment if ye are looking for any. They are casual but they do transform a outfit, so no need to be stealing your boyfriends blazer anymore!!

These are my fave wet-look leggings, they are stretchy with quite a high shine so they are very effective and I think they were quite affordable from Topshop too. Cannot remember what I paid for these but they are my second pair, that shows how much I love them.

I have spoken about shirts from Pennys in the past and how everyone should go in a get them in every colour for just 10euro. Collars, no collars, breast pockets, no breast pockets. Whatever the style Pennys always have them in and for just 10euro you cant go wrong my lovelies. 

And YES... My new watch from River Island!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Well to be honest I seen it ages ago while I was shopping with my friend and said if i didn't buy anything else that day ill go get it. But yep I forgot and I am sure I bought loads that day :) How can a girl resist while shopping with her best friend.. Anyway back to the point, I came across it again in RI and for just 26euro I think its a steal. Its timeless with its simple black adjustable strap and beautiful blue hands. I love Roman Numerals, I just think they are so beautiful and never go out of style. Here have a other look below ;)


I am wearing Rimmels Apocalips 'Luna' on my lips and I have Shellacs 'Cake Pop' on my nails. I really hope ye enjoyed reading this and I always love to hear from ye and what ye think.

Michelle x 

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