Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cross Over Black & White

Asos Skirt // Vero Moda Top // Zara Heels // MK Watch // Asos & H&M Rings

Yep this is a other outfit I wore on my holidays this year in Spain that I want to share with you all. 
This is a skirt I bought off Asos quite awhile back - its asymmetrical or cross over skirt with leather detailing. Its from the Asos own brand and very affordable, find it HERE. It only cost €37.11, its cheap but very good quality for that price. It sits right up high where its comfortable and appealing. There are a load of beautiful cross over skirts on Asos HERE to choose from.

I featured this low back top HERE, already and I have it in black too. I have worn the hell out of these Vero Moda tops this summer, they were only €13 - still in good shape. Think they are very cute with the low back and droop really nice.

I added these Zara white strap heels to my monochrome outfit (with my white polished toes) - They are no longer available on Zara's website but are HERE on ebay. 

I am off to Birmingham yet again this weekend for a wedding and you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I cannot wait to go shopping of course :)

Have a lovely weekend guys!

Michelle x


  1. I low the low back top! And the white heels. I was looking at similar ones. What are they like for comfort?