Monday, 1 July 2013

July Wishlist

July Wishlist


Here are selected items I have chosen for my July Wishlist. Starting off with these uber cool Supra Red Hi Top Kicks. Supra trainers are available on Asos, Topshop and there own website, here. They have become the hottest new trainers that everyone wants, even celebs! Heidi Klum, Lindsay Loha, J-Lo, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna. They have your low, mid and hi tops, whatever type you like.

Zara suede platform sandals are pretty funky. I love this type of shoe, they look really good on your feet. 


I adore this Zara Playsuit, Its so simple but yet really beautiful. The Zara suede shoes with this playsuit would be nice for a night out. The V detailing on the back really makes the playsuit special.


Reason Homies white T-shirt - Huge with bloggers at the moment. My friend has a black Homies Jumper and its so cool. We both love the whole Boy London grunge look and the Reasons range is on the same lines. I would love real deal which is available on Asos but just like my Celine T-shirt I think I might just get it off Ebay or SheInside cause you wouldn't know the difference and its for much less. 

Zara statement necklace - wow! This piece is beautiful and such an eye catcher. Really is stunning and this piece would transform any sort of outfit, a outfit would be based around this necklace. Would be fabulous for the races!

What do you think??

The new and amazing Irish OohLaLa Magazine launched there magazine few months back and they are now having a Blogger Awards sponsored by Pennys (EXCITING). This will be a huge event and you guys have the power to vote for your favourite blog.
If you have a sec and you would like to vote for me, you have till the 5th of June, here and all you need is my URL >
Votes will determine who will be shortlisted to the final 12. Then onto the final votes and judges decision. You can vote for me under 'Newcomer' and 'Best Fashion Blog'. 
I would appreciate this so much.
 Thank you guys!

Michelle x 

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