Sunday, 24 March 2013

Its a Lazy Sunday

Urban Outfitters Jumper // Topshop Jeans & Coat // Shirt American Apparel // Converse Trainers // River Island, Topshop & Vintage Rings

Well it wasn't such a lazy Sunday, I did do a little bit of shopping today :)
This was my outfit of the day whilst out shopping. Few weeks back I got some brand spanking new Converse Trainers (my other two pairs are looking a bit worse for wear) and decide shopping would be a great time to get them out and wear them for a comfortable experience. 

Two years ago shopping in Dublin's Urban Outfitters I bought this Teal Knitted Cropped Top (Sparkle & Fade) in the sale. Its my favourite knitted item in my wardrobe and I am trying my best to keep it from snagging. My Ram Head Nail Ring had to come off later in the day because it kept getting caught :( Yesterday I bought the Vintage ring in Galway's Pandora Box Thrift Market. I love the vibrant colour red and I wear these type of rings on my index finger.

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Michelle x