Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Jacket Miss Selfridge // Cardigan New Look // Disco Pants American Apparel // Watch, Earrings & Chain RI // Topshop Rings & Boots // Pennys (Primark) T-Shirt & Socks
(Photos above are all of Intrigued & Infatuated)

This is a typical day to day outfit of mine, I'm for trendy, comfy, easy, snug get up (attire)!

Cannot believe this is my first post with my Disco Pants, I live in these. I bought my first pair of these magical pants back in early May last year (according to my Instagram), Boy was I a happy girl. Since then I have bought them in the charcoal colour. River Island and the likes have similar versions but they are nothing compared to the original American Apparel Disco pants. The comfort of these pants are just unbelievable and well-fitted, I know they are quite pricey but they are an investment. I wouldn't waste my money on any of the rest because all my friends complain about them anyway. Although I do have a red pair from Missguided but again, nothing like the AA real deal and I think I have only worn them once. AA did come up with them after all and I have to give it to them, they know what they are at :) So basically y'all need a pair :)

My Bad Boy Boots from Topshop, ya I know I keep going on about them :)... but I finally got wearing them. They tick all the boxes and I am certainly DELIGHTED with my purchase. Thanks Topshop once again.

My furry sung looking cardigan, from New Look... Kiddies section to be exact :) Yup, River Island and Topshop had the exact same cardigan (for more money) and I came upon this baby in New Looks Kiddies section for less Euros. Bargain! Worth the look sometimes.

My Miss Selfridge jacket is years old but still very much a favourite of mine. Anything khaki green never goes unwanted. I am a fan of wearing socks with boots, i think its a great detail to a outfit and are a must in Irish weather anyways. So win win situation. All my jewelry have been posted in my previous posts - Rings in 'Karma', Watch in 'Sunnies' and Necklace in 'Sand Castles'.

Hope ye enjoyed the read <3

Michelle x

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