Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dove Summer Glow Review

Just to start off I cannot stress enough how much I love this product and its the main reason why I really wanted to blog about it and share this with you.

Since being on holidays earlier this year i have a base colour so I opted for the Medium to Dark Skin, when I was asked to sample the Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tanner. I wanted the full affect, that would actually be visible. There is also Fair to Medium for lighter skin tones and a Medium to Dark with a shimmer. 
I was a bit anxious and excited to try this tan - Anxious because I had a very bad reaction to the Johnson's Holiday Skin when gradual self tanners became big at first, and I would not be a sensitive person - Excited because I wanted this too work for me cause it looked beautiful and very natural on YouTubers I looked up. 

So this product aims to nourish your skin while gradually enhancing your natural skin colour.   

I found:

- It doesn't go on streaky or patchy 
- Colour is easily built up and after 3 applications I found it was even enough for a night out (with my skin tone)
- Used my hands to apply, perfect next day if washed straight after application
- Very moisturizing
- Doesn't come off your clothes
After applying it it takes a little bit longer to absorb then other moisturizers
There is no after smell and you don't feel clammy with it on

Below are outfit photographs of me with the Dove gradual tanner on, ONLY the Dove no other sort of tan:

SO YES! I would recommend Doves Gradual Self Tanner to you all.
Its beautiful on, lovely and golden - just how I like to look :)
I will defiantly continue to wear this over the winter. 

... Michelle x 

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  1. I won't use any other tan (except maybe a bit of Sally Hansen when I'm in a rush!). Love it!